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my first hat, and my first successful hat!

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i used melanie's hat instructions:
[cast on 60 stitches and knit until it is six inches long. when it is 6 inches (the very minimum) then start knitting two stitches together every sixth stitch. the next row, knit two together on every fifth stitch. the next row, knit two together every fourth. third. second. and then knit every two stitches together until you run out of stitches. then sew up the side.]

but look what happened!
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it was so small that i couldn't sew the seam up. the pattern works for mel though, so who knows.
i modified it slightly (cast on around 70 stitches on 9 needles) (god i love talking technical) and got...
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(i knitted the grey yarn, and then knit/purled the brown yarn)

and then i had even more free time so i knit earflaps and sewed them on.
[i cast on 19 stitches and then knit about 6 rows and started knitting two stitches together on either end until 5 stitches remained, and i kept knitting them into a cord. it curled into a cord well because that always seems to curl when i knit and purl on small needles. (does anyone know why?)] and then i took pictures alone in my room...

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Image hosting by Photobucket
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and then i put it all on my favorite vanity community.

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